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The Alphabet Game

An effective way to fall asleep is through the use of "list making" and it is the basic premise behind the Alphabet Game sleeping trick.

By creatively thinking up items for a list, you are essentially allowing your mind to wander which will help to induce the sleeping state. And nothing creates a better foundation for a list than our standard alphabet.

The alphabet works so well, because it is something that most of us have learned to a point that it has become ingrained into our minds from early childhood. We are able to use this knowledge as a tool to apply any list of items or materials.

In this sleeping exercise, we are going to use the alphabet and think up listed items to apply to each letter.

The Alphabet Game (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off or dim the lights in the room. Remove any noise distractions.

Step 2:
Lie down in bed and close your eyes.

Step 3:
Choose a topic for the list you will be creating (e.g.. cars, plants, animals, etc).
For the purposes of this step-by-step, we'll use "fruits and vegetables" as a category.

Step 4:
Beginning with the letter A, think up a item (fruit or vegetable) that begins with that letter.
In this case, we might begin with "Apple".

Step 5:
Now think up an item for the next letter B, such as "Banana".
Continue with the remaining letters of the alphabet, thinking up items that begin with each letter until you reach the final letter Z.

Step 6:
If you come to the end of the alphabet and you have still not fallen asleep, then simply repeat the process, but choose a different category.

You will want to choose a new category each time you do this method, so you don't get into the habit of using memorization. If you memorize a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet, then you're more likely to just breeze your way through it. This method only works if you have to apply some thought process to it. By thinking up new items that begin with a letter, you are allow your mind to access the creative side of your brain. It's the creative aspect of this method that what will help to induce the sleeping state.

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