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Body Levitation

Often we get stressed from the events of the day leading up to our bedtime. Much of this stress can lead to mental blocks that keep us from falling asleep. When we utilize our imagination and visualization skills, we are able to bypass these mental blocks.

One of the best mental visualization techniques for this is the use of the Body Levitation exercise.

Keep in mind that these are not instructions to actually levitate your body. Everything that you will be doing is based on your imagination and the general feeling of levitation.

This levitation relaxation exercise helps to calm the body, while eliminating fears and worries. It allows the natural process of falling asleep to take place.

Body Levitation (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Make sure that the room is quiet and void of any distracting noises.
Turn off or dim the lights.

Step 2:
Lie down on your bed and allow yourself to become relaxed.
Just look up at the ceiling, while allowing your muscles to relax for a couple minutes.

Step 3:
Close your eyes.
Pay attention to your breathing. Make sure to keep your breathing consistent and calm. No deep breaths, but just relaxed inhales and exhales.

Step 4:
Visualize that you are in a peaceful environment (e.g.. in a meadow, lying on your back in a field of flowers).
You can feel a soft breeze as it is flows over you.

(Note: It might help to get a fan to blow air over you to make the sensation feel more real.)

Step 5:
As you lie in this peaceful environment, visualize your body becoming lighter.
See the entire core of your body becoming lighter. Actually "feel" as though you are light and almost weightless.

Step 6:
Now imagine your body beginning to float just a couple feet off the mattress.
Allow yourself the time to feel these sensation of rising into mid-air.

Step 7:
Continue to experience this feeling of rising.
Then change your focus on becoming heavier and floating back down to a resting position on the surface of the mattress.

Step 8:
Repeat steps 5 thru 7 over again.
Continue allowing yourself to rise and the rest back down again.
Eventually, your mind will become so relaxed that you will naturally fall asleep.

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