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Hypnogogic Exploration

The name may sound confusing to those not familiar with the term "hypnogogic". Hypnogigia is a term coined by Dr Andreas Mavromatis which describes the images that you see while in between the waking and sleeping state. These are called hypnogogic images or hypnogogic hallucinations. They are naturally occurring and everyone sees them, especially just before falling asleep.

Some people have found them annoying, especially when they come in the form of simple objects, scenes, or people. Other times, they can be scary, as in taking the shape of a frightening face, and when the mind is more conscious, it's natural for them to be seen as flashes of light.

However, if you practice patience and just explore these images that appear in the darkness, you will eventually find yourself falling into a deeper state of sleep.

The real trick here is having the patience to just sit through these images. Too many times, the sleeper will get bored of paying attention to the images and instead focus on thoughts from the day. To stop from doing this, change your attitude to one that takes an active interest in any image that happens to appear. Just appreciate the images with a sense of curiosity.

What happens is that the static hypnogogic images become dreams. They transform from simple flashes of images, then transform to longer sequences. These longer sequences eventually transform to dreams in themselves as the person has then fallen asleep.

Hypnogogic Exploration (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off or dim the lights. Remove all noise distractions from the bedroom.

Step 2:
Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and just lie there on the bed.

Step 3:
Start looking into the darkness of your closed eyes.
At first it will seem as though there is nothing to see, but pay close attention.
Eventually images will appear. It may be a quick flash of a face...a car...or whatever your subconscious mind dishes out.

Step 4:
Continue to watch these hypnogogic images as they appear and disappear.
Eventually, the images will become longer sequences, rather than just flashing images.

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