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Movie Rewind

This sleeping trick involves choosing a movie and mentally playing it back in your mind from the end to the beginning. The reason this technique works so well is because it allows the mind to fall into a state of visualization. The thought process is demanding enough to hold your attention, but not stimulating enough to keep you awake.

Since the right side of the brain is involved, it allows your mind to enter a day dream mode which is often accompanied by sleep.

What many people have found useful is to use a movie that they actually enjoy. So choosing your favorite movie is a popular choice. However, what helps even more is that you know the movie well enough that you can recall almost every single scene from the film.

When you rewind the film in your mind, the process of thinking up one scene and going in reverse from there will lull your mind into a state of sleep.

Movie Rewind (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off or dim the lights. Remove all noise distractions from the room.

Step 2:
Choose a favorite movie that you know very well.
Preferably a movie where you know all the scenes in chronological order.

Step 3:
Begin visualizing the last scene to the movie.
So if you chose "Star Wars", you would begin with the scene where they are getting their awards after blowing up the Death Star.

Really visualize the actors, what they are doing in the scene, what they are saying.
Try to see everything and remember with a certain scrutiny all the details of the scene.

Step 4:
Now mentally rewind the film in your head.
So in Star Wars, we would see them walking backwards on the path leading up to the steps to receive their awards.

Step 5:
Continue rewinding the scene in your mind unitl you get to the end of the scene before that.
Rewind until you get through the entire movie and end at the opening credits.

By the time you have finished rewinding the entire film in your mind, you should have fallen asleep.
If not, then just start this technique over again, but choose a different movie instead.

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