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Muscle Relaxation

The technique of muscle relaxation is a great way to center the body in order to enter the sleep state. By focusing attention to your muscles, relaxing them one at a time, you begin to calm the body into a state where the mind will naturally follow into the same calm and relaxed state.

This technique is commonly used in hypnosis and meditation, but in this case, we will perform it simply for the purposes of falling asleep.

The great thing about this technique is that it can also be used in conjunction with many of the other sleeping tricks listed on this site to help boost up and speed the sleep process.

Muscle Relaxation (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off or dim the lights in the room. Remove all noise distractions.

Step 2:
Climb into bed and close your eyes.
Be sure that you are lying on your back with your arms to your side.

Step 3:
When you place your focus on a body part, it allows you to enter a present state of "feeling" where you can actually feel the sensations in that particular body part.

So beginning with your feet, focus on the sensations and feelings that you have in your toes.

Step 4:
Curl your toes and tense them up as much as possible for 5 seconds.

Step 5:
Now release and uncurl your toes.
You will feel a relaxed sensation overcome your toes after releasing.
Allow this relaxed sensation to exist and then move on to the rest of your foot.

Step 6:
Continue moving up to the rest of your body (feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, neck, etc).
Tense up a muscle area, then let it go and relax.

Step 7:
Once you complete all your body muscles, your body will fall into a very relaxed state.
Simply feel the pleasure of this relaxed state and just exist in it.
Eventually your mind will naturally fall asleep from being so relaxed.

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