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Story Authoring

Creativity is one of the natural laws of the universe. Our environment is one in which we were all meant to be creative. Plants create seeds that create new plants, people create new babies that will grow to create even more babies. We are all inherently creative beings.

Therefore, this technique should not only apply to the creative authors of stories and movie scripts. It applies to everyone!

The process of Story Authoring as a means for falling asleep is basically performed by using your imagination to come up with a story off the top of your head. You perform this technique mentally while lying in bed with your eyes closed. Through the use of your own creativity, you are able distract your mind from preoccupying thoughts and stresses from the day and instead enter the state of sleep in a fun and interesting way.

What's great about this technique is that you can come up with ideas for your own personal projects. Perhaps, one story you create might even be turned into a children's book. The possibilities are endless.

Statue Transformation (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off or dim the lights in your room. Remove any noise distractions as well.

Step 2:
Lie down and close your eyes to begin.

Step 3:
As you are lying down, start by imagining a scene.
You might start with a country farm house, an apartment in a city, or an office in a skyscraper building.

Step 4:
Next, create a character.
You might choose an animal or a human. Perhaps an alien. Get creative with it.

Step 5:
Now imagine the character doing something in that setting.
If you create two characters, you can imagine a conversation between them.

Step 6:
As you develop the story in your mind, you will begin to come to a point where you lose track of developing the story.
Your mind will fall into a state of sleep.

The next morning when you wake up, write out the story so you can use it in a future project of some kind.

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